So, I suppose it’s fair to say that Star Wars is pretty popular, right? Remember the Cantina scene? Grifters, drifters, and killers milling about to that jazzy, upbeat music. If you’re like me, didn’t it feel a little off; a little out of place, sonically speaking?

I mean, I am well aware of the fact that Prohibition-era gangsters loved the stuff–but this is outer space. Shouldn’t menacing outlaws from galaxies away be vibing out to some weirder tunes?

To these ears, and to this unkempt mind, our comrade Christian accomplished what we think is the (extended) director’s cut version of that iconic scene. Listen along and you’ll feel right at home among intergalactic mercenaries, thieves, and murders.

You may be familiar with Christian from his time served in Cult of Youth and The Hunt. Or just from him scurrying about like the adorable scamp that he is. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Just be certain that you’re aware of all exits in the event of a raid.


Download here RITUALS MIX029

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1. The Reverend Jim Jones – Thee Beginning
2. Einstürzende Neubauten w/ Lydia Lunch & Rowland S. Howard – Thirsty Animal
3. Current 93 – Dogun
4. Sentimentale Jugend – 10.5
5. SPK – Epilept:Convulse
6. Crass – What The Fuck
7. Cabaret Voltaire – Yashar
8. Flux Of Pink Indians – Youthful Immortal
9. Mona Mur – My Lie
10. Malaria! – Geld/Money
11. Hit Parade – Here’s What You Find In Any Prison
12. Keine Ahnung – Sentimentale Jugend
13. Communication – Dawn Of Time
14. Data-Bank-A – Stress Factor
15. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Cocks ‘N’ Asses



This installment in our mix series comes from a familiar face/name: Sybil Jason aka Minimal Syb aka MY DUDE. She’s DJed for us (and others) in the past and we humbly welcome her back to make yet another fantastic mix for your listening pleasure. Keep up to date on her tinkerings and whatnot at farced.net or soundcloud.com/SybilJason.

Have you ever fantasized about waking up in a mental hospital with no idea how you arrived in such a place? The yelps and moans of your fellow patients (detainees?) echoing throughout the foreboding corridors as you stumble from hall to hall to find an exit. Where are the authorities? Why am I here and (more importantly) how did I get here? Hospital employees only wish to sedate you and return you to your decrepit quarters. Your only chance for freedom is to attack and flee. You sprint past one white door after another praying to find daylight under the maddening flicker of endless fluorescent lights. You’ll likely die before you find that elusive exit, but never stop running. All the while the other patients’ moans continue unabated.

Happy Halloween, I guess.

Tonight, Wednesday, October 30th, we collaborate with the fiends at Nothing Changes for a swell soiree in the dungeon at Home Sweet Home. RITUALS alums and favorites YOU. will provide the live entertainment and our very own Shenan will be holding down the tunes and imploring you to dance or fuck or whatever. Special-bonus-fun DJ sets from the BootBlacks lovelies Alli and Panther.

Download here RITUALS MIX028

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1. Herz Juhning – Defense Reaction
2. Κρυπτογράφημα – Πίσω από τον τοίχο
3. Svart – Sår
4. Asmodi Bizarr – Traumland
5. Leitmotiv – Morne Libido
6. Blitz – Flowers & Fire
7. Unsolved Mysteries – Unsolved Mysteries Opening Theme
8. Epee du Bois – Divided
9. Figure Study – Station
10. Yclept Dinmakers – Killjoy
11. Alu – Es Kommt Immer Näher
12. Les Sirènes Débrouillardes – Beware The Siren’s Song
13. Brotman & Short – Daughters of Flame
14. Hysteria – Love Thine Enemy
15. Los Monaguillosh – Voces En La Jungla
16. Nostalgie Eternelle – Coup de Grace
17. A Blaze Colour – An Addict Of Time
18. Funeral Party – A Coeur Joie
19. Klinik – Out Of Line



I watched a little-known movie while at work last night that’s been a favorite of mine for years. That movie is up there with the great sequels of the past fifty years (The Godfather II, The Empire Strikes Back, Ghostbusters 2) as nearly surpassing the greatness of the original. That movie, was Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

After listening to this mix I got to thinking. I doubt I could create a superior reboot (that’s what the “film-sters” call them, right?) of Mr. Cameron and Mr. Schwarzenegger’s magnum opus; but were I given a shot, Shenan’s mix would be the score.

Our sonic tale begins with the dread of witnessing something wicked just beyond the horizon. As your body slowly finds itself overcome by a fear-induced paralysis, SkyNet launches its attack. What you’ll hear next is the sounds of the frenzy of the dying and the living trampling the dead to escape to safety. Skulls crushed under foot in the process so as not to join them. From here, audience members, we cut to the requisite weirdo/mutant/outcast/rebel/misanthrope safe house playing all the weird armageddon-inspired tunes of the current day alongside some fun favorites from the past. Until finally we reach our film’s denouement, and there isn’t a happy ending this time. SkyNet and its army of Terminators cannot be stopped from enslaving mankind and your protagonists opt to check out early on life rather than live under the boot of artificial intelligence.


Fuck you, Brad Fiedel.

Download here RITUALS MIX027

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1. Survival – White Flowers
2. Lust For Youth – Chasing the Light
3. Body of Light – Burn As One
4. Black Bug – I don’t like you
5. Imminent Starvation – Lost Highway (Exit)
6. Blessure Grave – 90 plus days
7. Anasazi – Bone Collector
8. SQRM – Fuck to Survive
9. Imminent Starvation – Escape from the Cell
10. Black Bug – Fell In Love With
11. Total Abuse – Electrical Tape
12. ODB – Baby, I got your money
13. Sewn Leather – Bootz for Kikin
14. Tanhauser Gater – Obsession
15. YOU. – Diamonds Everywhere
16. Witness – Hairy Legs Shaved Pussy
17. Hoax – Suicide Pact



Wouldn’t you know it, but one year to the day we started producing these mixes for your listening displeasure; and who better to celebrate one year of bizarre melodies and disturbing tones than our very own Mar Bar. If you remember, she cobbled together the first mix in this series many moons ago. Oh how she’s grown!

As your ears carve through this sonic slab of icy songs, I think you’ll be reminded of that wonderful panic that was the Y2K Bug. Sure, aided by hindsight and thirteen years of fogginess, some will deny any such fears of a technological collapse and a subsequent SkyNet conquering. But I know you’ve still got some canned goods rotting in some cupboard.

I like to imagine said apocalypse actually happened and I’m communicating with you all from some Matrix-style cocoon in suspended animation. But that’s besides the point…kinda. 

This offering of shrieks, moans, croonings, and bleeps/bops/skreeeeees will transport you to that night so long ago when you were resigned to this potential fate and celebrated the coming END OF DAYS. We hope you enjoy this mix, and will now kneel before our Artificial Intelligence Overlords. 

Download here RITUALS MIX026

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1. Absolute Body Control – Untitled 12
2. Skinny Puppy – Glass Houses
3. Alien Sex Fiend – Dead and Buried
4. Sex Gang Children – Sebastiane
5. Pink Turns Blue – Identity House
6. Lowlife – Mother Tongue
7. Holograms – Monolith
8. Pleasure Leftists – Elephant Men
9. Wire – Over Theirs
10. Body of Light – The Leaves Just Disappeared
11. Clan Of Xymox – Going Round
12. The Wake – English Rain
13. X-Mal Deutschland – Hand In Hand
14. Bootblacks – INSTINCT
15. Tones On Tail – Ok This is the Pops
16. Southern Death Cult – False Faces
17. Dead Can Dance – Labour Of Love
18. Tempers – Eyes Wide Wider
19. Rowland S. Howard – Autoluminescent
20. Wymond Miles – Singing the Ending


Pardon the large gap between mixes, comrades. As an offering of our apologies, we present this shadowy, demented mix courtesy of Joshua Strawn of Azar Swan and Vaura.

Joshua has DJed for us in addition to performing back in May with Azar Swan. Needless to say we were excited when he agreed to make this mix and he more than delivered.

When sending this over, he described this collection of songs as “pretty sado,” and we feel that couldn’t be more on the money. Strap on your rubber suit and fetch the ball gag–you’re gonna need them.

Facebook: facebook.com/AzarSwan
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/azarswan

Download here RITUALS MIX025

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1. Haus Arafna – Satanas and Friends
2. Sleep Museum – Without Foresight
3. Distel – Tide
4. The Klinik – We Are One
5. Herz Jühning – Reopened Eyes
6. Coil – Love’s Secret Domain
7. Rrose – Waterfall (Lucy Remix)
8. Prurient – Let’s Make A Slave
9. Andy Stott – Execution
10. Oneirogen – Mortisomnia

V O D K A / I N T R O


Cam Findlay is the mastermind behind Toronto-based analog-synth band, Kontravoid. Hailing from such other bands as Parallels and playing drums for Crystal Castles/Trust, he has taken a different solo approach with Kontravoid; crafting dark dungeon dance music for the past couple of years.

How did Kontravoid come about after leaving Parallels? It’s definitely a lot darker sounding.

Kontravoid originated when two songs I originally wrote for Parallels, “Native State” and “Age of Descent” weren’t really going in the direction I wanted. I didn’t feel like things were going very well with Parallels, so I left about a year and a half ago and took some of the material I had been working on to form a new project. I enjoy writing darker music, it’s what I feel comfortable doing. Two of my solo compositions for Parallels, “Dry Blood” and “Magnetics” are more in the realm of what Kontravoid is now, as opposed to some of the more pop-oriented material.

1214102894-1Is seems as though you started out by playing drums for other bands. Do you miss playing drums? Have you ever thought about bringing live drums to Kontravoid and expanding the band?

I was brought into music by playing drums when I was about 9 years old, so it’s something I’ll always go back to. I do miss playing sometimes, so it’s likely I’ll be continuing to join bands here and there. I did have plans to bring a drummer into Kontravoid. It was originally conceived with the idea of becoming a live act instead of an alias for my solo material. I wanted to have a drummer, keyboardist, and I would still do what I’m doing now which is singing, playing keyboards, triggering samples.. etc. However, I like doing it on my own; things are easier and much more manageable. So it will probably stay this way for a while.

From my internet snooping I learned you used to play in some “shitty punk bands”. Did you grow up listening to punk music?

Haha.. ya, I meant that as a good thing. There was a good punk scene in Toronto about ten years ago. I was 16 or 17, and it was awesome being able to get into shows under-age and drink in bars without anyone really caring, and there were a lot of shows each week. It was a gateway to a lot of other great music I got into over the next couple of years. Things were a lot more relaxed in Toronto back then from what I remember. And ya, I grew up listening to punk and skateboarding; (I) found out about a lot of great music from skate videos, too

How has this influenced the music you currently make/are a part of?

418411_506888372674109_30056186_nI try to keep things pretty simple when writing. It’s easy to get tied up in the technical aspects of electronic music, which I feel can make things pretty stale. Generally speaking, people who write music are looking to trigger some kind of emotion within their audience, and they want to make the listener feel as if they’re connected to the artist in some sense. No application or $10,000 synth is gonna do this. So I think it’s important to distance yourself from technology, sit down at a keyboard, or pick up a guitar, or whatever, and focus on writing that way first before bringing it into the computer. I feel like a lot of bands I grew up listening to had a very raw approach to writing, so I try and do the same.

Do you ever see yourself leaving Toronto? It seems as though most musicians eventually do a stint in New York or LA.

Ya, maybe some day… I like Toronto, though. I grew up here, and I feel like I’ve got the last awesome studio/apartment in the city that isn’t an overly expensive condo yet. I want to experience living somewhere else though.. so It’s likely.


Rapidfire Portion

Favorite song(s) to play live?

Whichever one is the newest…

Five biggest influences on Kontravoid (needn’t be bands)?

WW2 documentaries/stories. Travelling/touring and playing shows. Chess. Working for someone or on something that’s non-music related (You value your creative time more and usually end up writing something good). Talking with people who have interesting perspectives on the future.

Best (past or present) band nobody talks about but should?

Ell V Gore from Toronto. They don’t have anything out there yet, but have been an awesome Toronto band for the past little while. Elliott [Jones, of Pretty Pretty Records] just figured out you can record music with computers now so you should be hearing something from them real soon.

Describe your worst or best show in five words.

I enjoy all of them :)

Make Kontravoid into an anagram of your choosing.




RITUALS MIX024 is delivered to you on a frozen platter courtesy of our comrades Glenn Maryansky and Jennifer Mears, whom form the duo Tiers. If you’ve ever pondered the sensations one would experience while being tied to a chair, ball gag in place, as an obscene and otherworldly dance party unfolds around you–this is the mix for you.

Tiers’ selection of songs lull you into a false sense of security before opening the trap door for you to plunge into the great unknown. Oh the places you’ll go, wayward souls.

Glenn and Jennifer will be sharing a DJ set this Friday for the Kontravoid/Rosa Apatrida RITUALS performance. Feel free to tell them how frightened you felt while experiencing this mix.

Facebook: facebook.com/TiersMusic
Tumblr: tiersmusic.tumblr.com

Download here RITUALS MIX024

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1. Antarctica – Return to Omma Dawn
2. The Beat Club – Security (Club Mix)
3. Shakti – The Awakening
4. BiGod 20 – The Bog
5. Voyou – Germany Calling
6. Amnesia – Hysteria
7. Flue – Some-Times (In Arabia)
8. Technoquake – Trust In Me
9. Clair Obscur – Toundra
10. Second Glance – Shackles & Chains
11. The Blackouts – Idiot
12. Cabaret Voltaire – I Want You
13. Tobias Burnstrup – Surround (G.Maryansky U-Mix)
14. Gettovetts – Lecture